UNO – The New In Frame Kitchen – unique to Silkwood

In Frame Kitchens

In frame kitchens are generally available in a painted finish with Shaker style doors. You can choose any colour you like to suit your dream of how your kitchen is at the centre of your home.

The brand new Uno in frame kitchen from Silkwood is built using innovative design techniques developed by Silkwood’s Managing Director Derek Neil.

The ingenious construction of the Uno door and door-frame is a true innovation. It was designed to fulfil  the requirements of our commercial clients, developers and builders, for a kitchen with the look of the highest end bespoke cabinets but at an affordable price.

In frame construcWendover Lodge_02 plot 5 kitchention has been around for many years. It is based on highly traditional and intensive joinery techniques. The amount of work that goes into hand-crafting in this traditional style puts the in frame kitchen into  a price bracket all its own.

This innovation is now available to everyone, making designer style in frame kitchens an affordable luxury. See for yourself at our Hare Street showrooms in rural Hertfordshire, just outside Buntingford.